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Zeepor Halo Just Announced!


  1. Design background
  2. What’s in the box?
  3. How to use it?

Sharing vapor with friends like having a drink together, Connect and Share with our Social Vaporizer – Halo.

Zeepor’s latest release, the Halo desktop vaporizer, is an innovative and practical product that allows users to socialize while enjoying their favorite tobacco, wax, or oil. Designed by Zeepor’s lead designer, Lee. Halo is the perfect solution for those who want to share high-quality smoke with friends and family during social gatherings.

Design background

Designing a vaporizer that encourages social interaction involves addressing two critical issues: sustained heating and shareability. Many desktop vaporizers rely on wall sockets for continuous heating, making them inconvenient for outdoor use. To solve this problem, Zeepor equipped Halo with a 4000mAh rechargeable battery that provides enough power to last for an extended period. When fully charged, Halo can operate continuously or intermittently for over two hours.

Regarding shareability, Zeepor simulated the experience of clinking glasses while drinking alcohol and designed two types of glass accessories for Halo: one with a water filter and one without. During a gathering, users can distribute a glass to each person, and when Halo vaporizes, they can place their drink on the device. After the glass is filled with smoke, they can pick it up and pass it around until everyone has a glass. Then, they can all enjoy their smoke together.

Safety is paramount when designing a vaporizer that heats up during use. As such, Zeepor has taken great care to use high-quality materials and implement protective measures to prevent overheating and other potential safety risks. Additionally, the rechargeable battery should be designed with fast charging technology to minimize the time it takes to charge the device fully.

Zeepor has made the glass accessories easy to disassemble and clean for convenience. They have also considered using replaceable filter cartridges to ensure hygiene during use. Designing a vaporizer that produces high-quality smoke requires special consideration of heating and material selection. Using high-quality materials and technology can ensure that Halo produces the best possible smoke.

Lastly, aesthetic considerations should not be overlooked. An aesthetically pleasing design can make Halo look comfortable, fashionable, and attractive, increasing user preference and enjoyment.

In conclusion, designing a social desktop vaporizer is a meaningful and challenging task that requires consideration in several areas, including safety, convenience, shareability, smoke quality, and aesthetics. Zeepor’s Halo is a practical solution that successfully addresses these areas and provides an innovative way for people to enjoy their favorite tobacco, wax, or oil while socializing with friends and family.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Zeepor Halo vaporizer (Or 1 Zeepor Halo Filter vaporizer if Zeepor Halo Filter set);
  • 1 Zeepor Halo glass (Or 1 Zeepor Halo Filter glass if Zeepor Halo Filter set);
  • 1 Ceramic atomizer;
  • 1 510 cartridges;
  • 1 USB-C charger;
  • 1 User manual;

Note: The standard Halo package comes with only 1 glass. We suggest purchasing an additional glass separately if you plan to share it with family or friends. Here is the purchase link. All glass and devices are compatible.

How to use it?

Here is a guide on how to use the Zeepor Halo vaporizer with 510 cartridges:

  1. Ensure the device is charged (it cannot function while setting, so it’s recommended to fully charge before use).
  2. Install the pre-packaged or self-made 510 cartridges onto the device.
  3. Place the cleaned glass onto the device.
  4. Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the device.
  5. Rotate the temperature control knob to set the desired temperature.
  6. Press the ambiance light button once to switch between the 3 colors available (green, blue, and red).
  7. When there is enough smoke in the glass, press the power button to pause the atomizer, then pick up the glass and inhale the smoke.
  8. Alternatively, place another glass onto the device and press the power button to continue vaping.

If multiple people use the device, repeat steps 7-8 until everyone has a glass of high-quality smoke.

It’s recommended not to use the device continuously for long periods. After each vaping session, pause the device for 3-5 seconds to let it cool down before continuing.

With these simple steps, you can easily use the Zeepor Halo vaporizer with 510 cartridges and enjoy your favorite smoking experience with friends or alone.

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