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Tips and Strategies for Utilizing a Vaporizer


  1. Can Vaporizers Help to Quit Smoking?
  2. How to Get a Better Experience?
  3. The proper way to store a vaporizer
  4. How to Correctly Use a Vaporizer?
  5. Conclusion

Vaporizers get the same smoke effect as cigarettes by heating the liquid to vapors through the battery-driven atomizer cartridges. Since e-cigarette oil contains a small amount of nicotine and menthol, it has a certain throat hit, smoking e-cigarettes can give smokers a fresher experience than paper cigarettes. But do you know? A good tool also requires proper and skilled operation, and improper use of a vaporizer can bring a bad experience. Zeepor will bring you five tips and strategies for properly utilizing a vaporizer that are friendly to newbies and beginners.

Can Vaporizers Help to Quit Smoking?

If you are in the painful early stages of quitting smoking, e-cigarettes can be used as an alternative to cigarettes or as an aid in the transition to quitting smoking. Vaporizers do not contain carcinogens such as tar, carbon monoxide, mercury and lead from the burning of real cigarettes, and only purified nicotine salts, so they are less harmful compared to cigarettes. A day’s use of a vaporizer is only equivalent to a cup of caffeine.

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How to Get a Better Experience?

According to the length of time you have been smoking and the demand for the strength of Throat hit, you can choose the right vaporizer pod milligram for your situation and needs. The nicotine salt is added to the vaporizer pod in order to simulate the real cigarette Throat hit, the higher the milligram, the stronger the Throat hit. It is recommended to choose a high milligram if you are a big smoker, and a low milligram pod if you are a small smoker or non-smoker.

The proper way to store a vaporizer

Why is my vaporizer oil spilling?

High temperature can cause the equipment to leak or not work properly, and high temperature placement should be avoided as much as possible, such as cars in the sun, direct sunlight, etc. In addition, the air pressure caused by taking a high-altitude flight may also lead to fluid leakage, which is normal, and placing upside down can avoid such problems.

How to keep my vaporizer fresh?

If you can’t finish smoking so many cartridges in three days, try to open them as little as possible. If the cartridges can’t run out after opening them for a short period of time, they will create problems of oil leakage, oxidation and flavor change, which will affect the taste.

How to Correctly Use a Vaporizer?

Unlike the smoking method of cigarettes, e-cigarettes are suitable for lung inhalation, while cigarettes are inhaled into the mouth for a few seconds before inhaling into the lungs. Lung inhalation means that the inhalation does not stay in the mouth, but directly into the lungs, similar to a deep breathing state. Be careful not to inhale quickly with a gulp but slowly with a small sip (2-3 seconds per mouth) for the best taste.


An electronic cigarette is easy to carry with a variety of flavors, gradually by more and more people’s favorite. With the right and effective way of using the vaporizer, the vaping experience will be more enjoyable. The latest 2023 atomizer series is now available on Zeepor. For more information, please visit the Zeepor vaporizer collection. Also, you can follow us to get more news and skills for vaping.

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